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Build your web app, dashboard, platform or SaaS
with a team radically compromised.
We are the long-term web development experts you were looking for.
Build your web app, dashboard, platform or SaaS
with a team radically compromised.

We are the long-term web development experts you were looking for.
book a free 30-min consultation Web App Development
for Start-Ups & SaaS

What do we do?

Custom Web Development for SaaS and Start-Ups.

Success Stories

What our clients say about us

Management Dashboard for SaaS: 
Moon Boots App

We fully built a management dashboard for Moon Boots, a SaaS platform made for creators to have their own private community space to engage with their audience, upload content, and charge a fee for its access.

Analytics, real-time chatting, notifications, user management, and billing management are some of the core offerings of the work we delivered.

Main Stack: React + Redux (MUI), Node, MongoDB, Typescript, AWS.

Case Study: Moon Boots App

Subscription-Based Private Platform: 
Hunter Fitness Platform

Subscription-based private platform to host a community, with rich interactions, content hosting and user management.

Some of the key features the platform includes are:
Real-time chatting, social-media-like discussion feed with comments, reactions and multimedia, user profile, admin management panel, notifications (in-app, email, web push), deep searching of content.

Main Stack: React, Node, MongoDB, Typescript, AWS.

Case Study: Hunter Fitness Platform

Why choose us?

Ignacio Montero
Founder & Head of Development

With +6 years of professional in the web development industry and after having worked in dozens of different projects, including founding my own SaaS, I officially decided to build a team and embark into bigger, and more challenging projects.

Having worked in many user-facing applications gave me the experience and knowledge to be able to have a clear vision from start to finish of a product lifecycle, as well as the confidence to know that, with my team, we're capable of anything.

Some advantages of working with me:

  • Very good communicator. I'm always ready for a video call.
  • Based in Uruguay (UTC-3). Time difference is not a problem.
  • Expect a quick turnaround. I have implemented lots of different features, and I have boilerplate code made by me to either implement a feature, solve an issue, or to start a project from scratch and build an MVP in no time.

"Ignacio is a very honest and hardworking developer, able to contribute to a variety of unrelated tasks, and learn along the way when tackling new challenges, and respond quickly to feedback."
James Futhey
Founder of Meeting Room 365
"When building an international team, trustworthiness and character are at the forefront of what matters and they have both in spades."
Guy Cusson
Founder at The Good Touch, Co-Founder at Moon Boots
"I rarely come across professionals who stand out like Ignacio. Ignacio’s ability to handle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic improvement in the functionality of our application."
Nelson Quinones
Entrepreneur, CNN Journalist
"Hiring Ignacio to build our web app's React client turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made. From the get-go, he dived right into our vision, asking thoughtful questions and sharing innovative ideas. He showed clear expertise with React and a genuine enthusiasm for the project."
Jorge Prado
Android Developer at Go Fab CNC
"I asked Ignacio if he could make me custom software with all of the pros, and none of the cons, to give me EXACTLY what I needed to run my business in the online space with as few to no pain points as possible. He overdelivered. I now have software that has a front end for my customers and a back end for me where every single aspect of my business is covered in one space. Couldn't be happier."
Hunter Cook
Founder at HunterFitness.com, Co-Founder at MoonBoots
"I had the pleasure of working with Ignacio on my weeb anime figure site msinevitable and he fully understood the requirements very quickly and set about completely all the functionality additions that I required. Super friendly, professional and with a can do attitude. I highly recommend Ignacio and compliment him on his wordpress, css and general website design skills."
Simon Ta
Senior Salesforce Consultant 21 x Certified Architect at Bluewave Technology Ltd

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