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Meeting Room 365


Web Application


3 months


Meeting Room 365 is a SaaS application built by James Futhey. It's basically a very cool way to organize meeting rooms in a office, having more than 50.000 end users.

It also offers a lot of customization opportunities, an easy-to-use admin panel to manage displays, and other very useful solutions such as localization & internationalization and Status Boards


After working in a few javascript projects with James Futhey (MR365 CEO), he told me that he wanted to rebuild an existent dashboard but using a new technology such as React.

As we're specialized in Web Applications development, and have extensive experience in React, we took the project without a doubt.

The project was completed in a timespan of around twi months, using React as the Javascript framework, MobX for app state management and a custom Bootstrap library for UI.
After finishing the base project, James was happy with it and we kept improving the site and adding features, until it was ready for Production.
Now it's being used by all their clients as a management tool.


"I worked with Ignacio on a few Javascript development projects. Ignacio is a very honest and hardworking developer, able to contribute to a variety of unrelated tasks, and learn along the way when tackling new challenges, and respond quickly to feedback. Would recommend working with Ignacio on your next project!"

- James Futhey, Founder at Meeting Room 365

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