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"Ignacio is a very honest and hardworking developer, able to contribute to a variety of unrelated tasks, and learn along the way when tackling new challenges, and respond quickly to feedback."
James Futhey
Founder of Meeting Room 365
"When building an international team, trustworthiness and character are at the forefront of what matters and they have both in spades."
Guy Cusson
Founder at The Good Touch, Co-Founder at Moon Boots
"I rarely come across professionals who stand out like Ignacio. Ignacio’s ability to handle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic improvement in the functionality of our application."
Nelson Quinones
Entrepreneur, CNN Journalist
"Ignacio is an incredible worker, with an amazing talent for front end development, a great work ethic and a friendly demeanor to booth. He is all that you would want in an independent developer: fast, communicative, highly skilled and truly dedicated."
Daniel Gallego
Founder at Soft Skill Academy Elocuentes International
"His work was attentive from the beginning, showing expertise and hitting the mark with what I was looking for. It has been a process where you have been adjusting every detail I requested, with a final result that surpasses what I had imagined myself."
Ángel Díez Gimeno
Founder of Angel7Real, Fitness Coach
"I had the pleasure of working with Ignacio on my weeb anime figure site msinevitable and he fully understood the requirements very quickly and set about completely all the functionality additions that I required. Super friendly, professional and with a can do attitude. I highly recommend Ignacio and compliment him on his wordpress, css and general website design skills."
Simon Ta
Senior Salesforce Consultant 19 x Certified Architect at Bluewave Technology Ltd
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